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These are the first words of the last Devine revelation

The priority, stress and focus are on seeking knowledge

The entire book urges Humanity to seek knowledge to get to the Truth if one wants to be FREE from the tyranny of the self, the tyranny of people, the tyranny of desires and from any other form of tyranny

What Is Inside the Quran

Inside the Quran is a tool based on semantic theme extraction. It allows users to discover, explore, search the Quran starting from the Quran themes. This is just a tool to make the Quran more accessible. It is not a substitute for reading the Quran chapter by chapter.

The result of semantic theme extraction shows that the Quran is mainly answers to questions pertaining to different dimensions of life and death. It is a guide, a mentor, a reminder, a warner, a teacher, a consoler, a reference, a context provider and much more

The main theme is Allah, the ONE God, the Creator, the All-Knowing, All-Seeing, The First and The Last, The Omnipresent, The Most Powerful, The Owner of All that exist, The Infinite

Then come the other themes: Creation, Life , Death, Accountability

Life is a game. The Quran defines the game, the players, their assets and liabilities, the rules of the game and its outcomes

The Quran Theme Explorer lays the themes in a hierarchical view that starts from the Creator. Its goal is to outline the big picture of what’s in the Quran so one doesn’t get lost when double-clicking on the details.

We hope you find this tool useful. Please, provide your feedback to make reading the Quran easier tand more accessible to all.

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